Where Stress Is Stored in the Body and How to Relieve It

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June 22, 2020 |
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Where Stress Is Stored in the Body and How to Relieve It

Times are pretty stressful right now and everyone deals with stress differently. It is important to understand how stress affects your body and how to reduce it. Many people don’t know that their aches and pains may be contributing to the amount of stress their feeling. Headaches, Stomach issues, difficulty concentrating, and your heart racing are just some common side effects from stress. Depending on the kind of stress you experience it can be stored in different places of the body.


Stress Caused By Fear & Anxiety

Usually found in Stomach and lungs, causing upset stomach and trouble breathing.

First you have to start at the root of the problem which is handling fear and anxiety. Some common ways to help reduce anxiety without medication or a therapist are exercise, surrounding yourself with positive thoughts and people, or finding a new hobby you really enjoy. For short term, natural fixes to help indigestion you can try chamomile, ginger, or peppermint tea. A few ways to help you catch your breath would be to try standing with your back supported by a wall or pursed lip breathing.

Stress From Feeling Out of Control

Appears in Head as a Headache 

Ways to soothe when feeling out of control are taking slow, deep breaths, accepting the unchangeable, exercising, and decreasing the amount of caffeine intake. Some ways to help your headache could be to take a nap, hydration, using peppermint or lavender essential oils, or practice meditation techniques like meditation.


Stress From Daily Responsibilities

Materializes in Shoulders and neck

Prioritize your tasks and take care of the most urgent first. Don’t let a long list of tasks overwhelm you.Stretching is a great way to decrease shoulder and neck tension. Here are a few you can try

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Stress From Sadness

Felt in the Chest and heart resulting in heartbreak

Some ways to help conquer sadness are to listen to music, take a moment to cry it all out, put on your favorite movie and give yourself little goals to achieve each day. Taking a deep breaths and meditation can help relieve tension in the chest do to stress.

Stress Caused By Anger

Lower back pain or tension

Some ways to deal with anger are to take a walk, write down how you feel, or take a time out. Here are also a few stretches that can help relieve tension in the lower back that could be caused by this stress:

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In Conclusion

No matter which type of stress you are experiencing, relaxation can be a good cure. It’s important to understand the type of stress you are experiencing and find healthy recovery solutions to managing and addressing those issues. Please remember to always consult a doctor if you are experiencing mental or physical pain caused or related by stress. Lastly, here are some stretches that help you relax and relieve the stress built up in your body altogether:

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