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We know first impressions are important so we want to give you a cheat sheet on what to expect during the session and how to get the most out your experience. Plan to arrive a little early for your first visit and we'll help get you signed in, answer any questions you may have, and tour our one of a kind studios.

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Your first session begins with our 360 Evaluation because no two bodies are alike. We ask a series of questions to learn more about who you are, your goals, comfort level, injuries, pain points, and many other factors allowing us to tailor the stretch just for you.


Stretching is one of the most natural functions of the body and our clinically designed F.A.S.T.™ method will not put your body at risk of injury or pain. Our certified reach therapists are masters of our method and will ensure you’re comfortable at all times.


You’ll receive a free MyFLEX™ score that tells you exactly how flexible you are, any imbalances you might have throughout your body, and how you compare to people of similar age and lifestyle.


Everything from our private rooms, the ambiance, and stretch method is purposefully put together to help you relax. By relaxing the body and mind you allow yourself to receive the deepest and most rewarding stretch possible. Sit back, unwind, and enjoy!


We provide you with a complimentary drink after every session to energize and replenish your body. Hydrating after a stretch session helps build on the results and achieve optimal elasticity throughout your muscles.

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