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April 17, 2021 |
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I assume you’re reading this because you need to lose weight. For whatever reason that may be whether it is due to health concerns, self confidence, setting an example for loved ones, just finally being able to focus on yourself, or a host of other possible reasons…. You have come to the right place.Weight loss can be a tricky subject for some. However it is pretty simple as long as you know the rules to, Weight loss without the wait:

Rule #1, Sugarholics live fat and die fast:

In other words sugar has permeated our culture to an astronomical proportion. It is hard to even find meat at the grocery store today without some sort of sugar added into it. There are a multitude of reasons for this but the fact of the matter is it is making you fat, unhealthy, lethargic, causing medical issues, acne, mood swings and more! Not only is it horrible for you but it is also addictive, in fact some researchers have parallel sugar addiction to methamphetamine addiction. That is how powerful this addiction is, and the horrible thing is it is destroying your body and brain and even when you are educated on the subject and know it is harmful…. You still crave it and go eat it because of the temporary high that it gives you regardless of the long term effects… yep sounds like a drug addict to me! So the first rule of weight loss is to cut out the added sugar in everything! (except the occasional treat once your addiction is under control)

Rule #2, A sedentary body is a fat body (watch Wall-E):

Find an activity that fits you and your lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be going to the gym for hours a day, but it does need to be something that causes you to get your heart rate up and produce at least a minor sweat response. This does not even have to be daily if it is a very strenuous activity some people need no more than three days a week doing a strenuous activity to be healthy and lose weight. However, if your activity is light and easy you will have to do it more times a week, so choose wisely. Also, you can do different activities every day, maybe day one you lift weights, day 2 you go on a walk, day 3 you do some yoga, day 4 you lift weights again and you take days 5,6,and 7 off. Whatever you feel would work best for you, your schedule and your needs. I have some people that do a high intensity workout 20mins a day, some people that go spend hours in the gym 5 days a week, and some people that want to do everything in the pool. The point is to find what you can be consistent with and enjoy,

Rule #3, Consistency over Perfection

Never worry about doing the perfect program or the perfect diet. There is no such thing and if someone tells you there is they are probably trying to sell you something! Being 80% consistent in your program everyday is a hell of a lot better than having 100% adherence to a program for one or two days a week. Don’t get trapped in the mentality that doing nothing is better than doing something less than perfectly. I tell my clients all the time, if you had a perfect day besides one piece of cake at dessert then that is a win that day! I would rather deal with that than having one or two perfect days, and then falling off the wagon all week long because you felt guilty or shameful or depressed about one little mess up that week. JUST DO IT! It doesn’t have to be perfect just be consistent and what you can commit to now and master that. Then, when you can, add something else to work on. This is your journey and you have to do it the way that best fits you!

So, weight loss without the wait. If your on your journey and you feel you need direction, support, guidance, accountability, motivation and/or education. Click here for your free consultation with one of our professionals!

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