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July 31, 2021 |
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You’re out the door of the gym, maybe you just finished a rigorous workout or an intense spin class, and you can feel the stiffness in your joints and muscles. Oftentimes, we push ourselves past our limits during a workout without adequately preparing. Mobility means everything! It’s important to start a program while you’re feeling good. Stretching routinely can have several great benefits, and flexibility is important for your workouts, everyday movement, and overall health. Here are some reasons why flexibility matters:


            You can experience aches and pains without an intense workout. Maybe you had to lift boxes during a move or take a long walk in some not-so-supportive shoes. You may have even just sat in one place for too long. Stretching involves lengthening your muscles, and lengthening your muscles can improve your flexibility over time. Good flexibility is important for those everyday activities, like moving boxes or taking a walk, as well as for your regular workouts. Increasing your muscles’ range of motion can help your body successfully get through the day without aches and pains. 


            Increasing your flexibility can lead to improved physical performance in a workout or everyday activities. Reduced pain already makes your body feel great, but the actual strength your muscles can produce when they are more flexible is even better! Without properly stretching your muscles, over time, they will begin to contract and get shorter. This means that you can’t do as much with them. Improving your flexibility allows you to get more out of your muscles and in different ways that may have been uncomfortable or painful before. 


            Speaking of muscles contracting and getting shorter, that’s one way major injuries can occur. Flexibility matters when it comes to preventing injury, because your muscles can endure more physical stress when they are strong and flexible. If you perform a workout or strenuous activity that results in severe pain, you could be on track to an injury (or you’re already there). Stretching can seem like a nuisance when you just want to get going, but having a routine can save you from something much worse than a late start!  



            At Reach, we start your Stretch and Recovery journey with your Mobility Risk Factor Assessment called My FlexScore. This assessment allows us to pinpoint the causes of your aches and pains, muscle imbalances and weakness, and posture or mobility limitations. After your assessment, we can proceed to step two!


            Based on your Mobility Risk Factor Assessment, a custom Stretch and Recovery therapy plan will be created. The program is designed just for you and will target your areas of concern and interest. Each session includes a balanced blend of Corrective Stretch, Percussion, Compression, CBD, and Heat Vibration Therapy. This takes the guesswork out of choosing the Stretch and Recovery therapies that will be best for you!

Your flexibility matters to us! Through our Stretch and Recovery sessions, you can improve your flexibility, strength, and health. Tired of aches and pains? Worried about sustaining an injury? Come see us! Book your first session free today at reachstretch.com. If you’re already a member, book your next session. Lengthen your muscles, improve your flexibility, and gain strength from stretching!


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Haley Tadlock

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