Retired Marine Finds A New Life Helping Others

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November 7, 2018 |
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Franchise Spotlight: Kenny Andrews

When Kenny Andrews retired after a long successful career in the Marines, he started to look towards the future and the next chapter of his life. We caught up with Kenny to learn more about his story, why he chose Reach Stretch Studios and what he loves most about his business!

What’s your background? What did you do before owning a REACH studio?
I spent 20 years in the Marine Corps, did 6 tours in Iraq and had the opportunity to see a lot of the world. I have 4 daughters with my wife Eunice, being in the military we have moved over 13 times and even had the opportunity to live in Australia for 2 years. We’ve recently moved to the Rosenberg area and absolutely love being a part of this community.

What made you decide to open a REACH studio?
Being in the military I have always loved living an active lifestyle so when I retired I wanted to do something in the health and fitness industry. Reach Stretch Studios was a perfect opportunity to stay active while also helping people. I love hearing and seeing the great stories of our members and how we’re changing their lives!

What sets REACH apart from the others?
I think a big difference between our studios and other stretch concepts are our individual rooms. We create a personalized experience based on your needs and goals in a very private and relaxing way. This one on one attention you get for your body and mind gives a premium experience that produces results.

What’s the best part about stretch therapy/your business?
What I enjoy most is being in a business where I get to help people. Seeing our members and community move better and feel better gives me nothing but joy. I myself have had 2 shoulder surgeries, a lower back injury and bad knees from the military so i’m a great candidate and believer of what we do. It feels amazing every time I get stretched and helps relieve a lot of the pain.

What are some community charities/organizations that you are active or partnered up with and why?
We’re new in the community but we’ve already been apart of fit foodie 5k’s, cancer runs and other great events and organizations in the area. I love supporting people in the community and meeting so many great programs and causes. The military VA is very important to me as well so I am a huge fan of supporting charities that support veterans.

Want to learn more about Kenny or meet his team? Call or Come by his studio in Sugar Land, TX today!

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  1. I just went in for my first session today after being referred by a friend. I spoke to Kenny on the phone before my visit and he was very thorough and really wanted to help me feel comfortable. I had a great session and look forward to being a long term success story!

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