Stretch Therapy As An Amenity

We provide residents at senior living communities access to the all natural benefits of our stretch therapy. Our highly trained and qualified therapists work one on one with each member to support their daily activities of life and help reach their goals. By using a relaxing and safe method we help improve balance, relieve pain, increase blood circulation and get residents feeling better and moving better.

Benefits of Stretch Therapy

Whether you’re an active resident or struggling with certain mobility issues, stretch therapy helps restore the body and mind as part of a healthy long living lifestyle. With a personalized plan and consistent stretching routine we help with the following and more:

Improve Balance
Reduce Fall Risk & Injury
Relieve Pain
Strengthen Muscle
Improve Joint Health
Enhance Mood & Quality of Sleep

What Residents Are Saying

“I had stiffness and now i feel alot better!”

Doris F.

“Amazing Job by Ryan, I feel so great now!”


“So good to have ryan stretch me and feel better ”

John F.

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