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July 8, 2021 |
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You have probably been hearing the term “summer body” recently. With everyone wearing bathing suits and shorts, you might be trying to exercise or eat healthier. We are here to help you get in shape! Don’t forget that to attain that “summer body” you need to allow your muscles to recover properly. Without a healthy recovery, your muscles can get stiff and bring pain or even injury. 

Good news! We can help you make time for recovery. Heat and vibration therapy is one of several services we offer to help relax your muscles and accelerate recovery. Here are just a few benefits of heat and vibration therapy:


Warming up is essential! The percussive movements generated by heat and vibration therapy create gentle stretching in your muscles, connective tissues, ligaments, and tendons. This stretching can ease you into a deeper stretch or workout later on. A good warm up limits the chance of injury while exercising. 

Warming up delivers oxygen to your muscles and gets your blood flowing. This can give your muscles more energy and increase efficiency. We offer heat and vibration therapy as part of your total body recovery, targeting key areas and getting you prepped for a great stretching experience.


Tight muscles can restrict blood flow, leading to a lack of nutrients and energy needed for them to stay healthy. Heat and vibration therapy directly targets tense, tight muscles and loosens the stiff areas in your body. Lactic acid is released, your muscles relax, and your body can recover properly. 

Aches and pains are common when you have tight muscles. Even worse, not allowing your muscles to heal can lead to serious injury and prevent rapid recovery. With the warmth and oscillation patterns of heat and vibration therapy, the muscles in your body are activated and circulation improves.


We tend to overwork certain areas of our bodies without giving them the ability to fully recover. The lower back, shoulders, and knees are just a few generally overworked areas we can target with heat and vibration therapy. Different levels of heat and vibration patterns allow your muscles to release the tension trapped in them. This can improve blood flow almost instantly, reducing the soreness in your body, leading to an awesome workout!


At Reach, total body recovery is one of our priorities. What could possibly help us achieve it so quickly? Heat and vibration therapy! Not only does heat and vibration therapy get your blood flowing, accelerate your warm up, and relax your muscles, but it actually stimulates and accelerates recovery. 

Fascia, or connective tissues, surrounds everything in your body. The heat and vibration releases tension in these connective tissues and improves recovery. It is essential to build recovery time into your exercise routine (and in life, generally). Without it, your muscles will continue to hold tension, and you may not achieve the results you really want.

Now, back to that “summer body.” While appearance can play a large role in measuring your success, it’s equally as important to focus on how your body feels — Are my muscles looser? Is my back pain subsiding? Do I feel more mobile? Do I feel healthier? Treat your body right… you only have one! Give your muscles time to heal, even if the results aren’t as quick as you’d like. Book your first session free today at to experience the benefits of heat and vibration therapy, firsthand. Already a member? Book your next session! Relaxation and total body recovery are right around the corner.


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