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January 5, 2021 |
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It is officially 2021! Now, because of the craziness of last year, we know all of us need to find ways to Recover our bodies from the Daily Stressors of Life. We are all about hard work and making sure you get good nutrition, but there is one thing that is often forgotten… Recovery! Amid all of the workouts, diets, stress, work, family, etc… recovery can often be overlooked, but it can often be the one thing that separates you from being a Goal Achiever or just being a Goal Setter, and here is why. Recovery is the key to Results.

First, Let’s Talk About Stress

Stress can come into our body in many different forms: emotionally, mentally or physically. However, it all manifests itself in our physical body no matter its source.  This results in stress being the root cause of many of our health issues in the world today.  

This can be as obvious and immediate as unhealthy food cravings which drive inflammation up and cause more stress, to less obvious, long term considerations like the stiffening of the arterial walls and higher production of cholesterol that can lead to heart health issues, or the elevation of the infamous cortisol making it virtually impossible to lose weight regardless of how hard we workout or diet. One of the best ways to destress our bodies is through having a proper recovery program in place. This is absolutely critical to dealing with all of the stress our bodies take in on a daily basis.

Preventing Injuries

Injuries are often something that happens when we set new goals and put our body through movements it is not used too. Total body recovery is the best way to handle this. After all, what good is it if you lose a bunch of weight and end up hurting your back or knee and gain it all back again? Total body recovery is how we can help our bodies adjust to our activity level, increase our mobility, decrease pain, and live the life we know we deserve. Having a regularly scheduled recovery session could be the difference in achieving your goal or having to stop short due to a minor or possibly major injury.

Reach Your Goal faster

We all want to speed up the progress to our goal! Well, recovery is the secret sauce. Total body recovery will help your muscles heal and repair at a more rapid rate and alleviate soreness. This allows you to push yourself even harder in your next workout, and the harder you can push yourself the more calories you burn and muscle you can build. You see the connection there? Why do you think pro-athletes and celebrities spend so much time on their recovery? Because, they understand how it will speed up the results process, reduce their stress, and prevent injuries. 

What’s the Bottom Line? 

Recovery is the key to Results! We want to see you achieve success and we know that if we can help you decrease your stress, prevent injuries, and speed along your progress, then there is a much greater chance of you being able to make your 2021 goals a complete success. If you are ready to actually see the results you have been looking for, then we invite you to click this link to claim your FREE Total Body Recovery session today!

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