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What is Total Body Recovery?

5 Recovery Therapies in 1 Incredible Session!

Daily stressors in life create pain, stress, lack of  sleep, compromised immunity and lower overall performance. At Reach we believe it’s necessary to recover your body daily and we’re passionate about helping people Feel Better Than Ever!

The Why

The MyFLEXSCORE Risk Factor Assessment is designed to understand the root causes of your pain, aches, & stresses that are holding you back from feeling your best.

The Blend

Every person is different and so is their recovery. Our REACH FAST-R Certified Recovery Therapist put together a balanced blend of “total body recovery” therapy services that target your issues and needs in every session.

The Result

We use your assessment data and the latest total body recovery therapies to deliver impactful long-lasting results after every session.

Every Total Body Recovery Session Includes


Relieve Pain & Stress

Improves Flexibility

Restore Posture


Reduce Pain

Decrease Inflammation

Increases Bodies Response To Therapy


Loosen Tight Muscles

Shoulder, Knee, Lower Back

Warm Targeted Areas


Breakdown Inactive Tissues

Improve Circulation

Relieve Pain


Reduces Anxiety & Stress

Improve Sleep

Relieve Pain

Sessions Completed
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What Our Members Are Saying About Recovery

“This place is amazing, its better then a massage. I originally came here to help stretch out for in between workouts and also to loosen up my lower back because i am on my feet all day. After my first session my lower back pain gone and i feel amazing.”

Troy G.Facebook Review

“Joining REACH Studios has helped me return to the gym after a lower back injury. Kasey and Chris are both awesome at what they do! It’s not a one-size-fits-all program, they have three different types of stretch experience. Your therapist really dials into whatever you individual needs are if you get consistent work done. I shoot for once a week! I don’t go the the chiropractor all the time anymore, and the deep tissue massage work I get done is also more effective since I have added REACH Studios into my wellness regimen.”

Bryan B.Google Review

“is very professional and will focus on any problem areas I may have. After seeing the improvement in my flexibility, my wife has also joined and is showing the same results! I highly recommend for individuals looking to increase flexibility”

Bruce MFacebook Review

“This place is amazing!! Especially if you want pain relief, flexibility, relaxation and so much more! ”

Alexus CFacebook Review


See How We Can Help You Feel Better Than Ever!


Stress Less. Sleep More.

Fight daily fatigue and stress with stretches designed to loosen everything from neck to toe. The result? Better Sleep, Better Mood.

From rejuvenation to regeneration our therapists deliver first class experiences backed by the latest technology and techniques.