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Power Your Workout

Whether you’re competing against yourself or others, Recharge is designed to increase your range of motion and make you quicker, stronger, and faster.

Assisted stretching can support improved flexibility and muscle elasticity, empowering you with new-found energy, speed, and strength. That’s why professional athletes and weekend warriors alike use this all-natural therapy to enhance results during workouts and competitions. Whether you’re looking for a competitive edge on game day or more productive training periods, our stretch techniques will help you recharge and blast past your performance goals.

At Reach, we take your specific physical needs into consideration when selecting stretches for your Recharge session. This helps ensure that you achieve the best results possible during your visits—all within a comfortable and stress-free environment. Our Workout services focus on maximizing your body’s range of motion and enhancing physical performance.

Reach Workout sessions can help you with:

  • Improving physical performance
  • Boosting flexibility
  • Preventing workout injuries

Explode On The Scene

From youth to pros, every athlete is looking for an edge. Recharge has sport-specific stretches to help you reach the next level of performance.

Many athletes stretch to prepare for demanding physical activity and enable their muscles to work as efficiently as possible. With the right assisted stretching techniques, you can improve the range of motion in your joints, increase athletic performance, and help reduce your risk of injury while performing.

Our Recharge sessions consist of gentle but impactful stretches specifically designed to support athletes through improved physical performance. We work with you to create a customized stretch program designed to help you excel in your specific sport or physical pursuit—regardless of your age or physical condition. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just breaking into the wide world of workouts, we’re here to help you reach (and surpass) your performance goals.

Reach Recharge sessions can help with:

  • Increasing athletic performance
  • Reducing risk of performance injuries
  • Maximizing joint flexibility
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Reach Recharge Sessions Are…


Our assisted stretch sessions are conducted in private, comfortable, and pain-free spaces. That means no oils, clothing changes, or awkward experiences in general.


All Reach therapies are built with accessibility in mind—making them appropriate for people of any age, body type, or level of experience. Don’t worry about high-effort stretches or prepping for your session; just relax and recharge.


Our proven Recharge techniques are designed to improve your performance quickly and efficiently. Expect fast and refreshingly impactful results.

Reach Recharging, Step by Step

1. Define and Refine Goals

Once we’ve introduced ourselves during your first visit, we’ll work with you to outline your expectations and goals for our Recharge sessions. This first step of our 360TotalEval helps ensure that our time together is comfortable and delivers the best results possible. It’s also a great opportunity for us to get to know each other.

After we’ve tracked and refined your Recharge goals, we’ll collaborate to create an assisted stretch experience that’s just right for you. From the type of stretching environment you enjoy to specific stretches you want to pursue, the insights we gather here will form a basic blueprint that guides your first and future Recharge sessions.

2. Assess Your MyFLEX™ Score

Finding your MyFLEX™ score is another essential part of our 360TotalEval. This score is a simple evaluation of your body’s current flexibility—and how you stack up to people of similar lifestyles in your age range. This resource also points out any imbalances in your flexibility, which we can tackle during your stretch sessions.

Your MyFLEX™ score is important because it helps us decide which assisted stretch sessions are compatible with your level of flexibility and the goals you want to achieve. Your certified Reach therapist will use this metric to tailor your recharge sessions around meeting and surpassing those objectives.

3. Recap & Relax

With your 360TotalEval complete, your Reach therapist will take a few minutes to talk you through exactly how each stretch they’ve selected will work—as well as answer any questions or concerns you might have. Your comfort is essential to our team, which means we won’t start any stretching until you feel 100% informed, safe, and ready to proceed.

From there, we’ll take you through our session in our private stretching rooms, which features a comfy ambiance, eucalyptus hot towel treatment, neck stretch and complimentary drink of your choice. This space is built to create a calm, refreshing environment that gives you the best stretch experience possible.

4. Achieve Results

At Reach, we use the clinically designed F.A.S.T.™ method to make our assisted stretch therapies more comfortable, consistent, and effective. Each certified Reach therapist has extensive experience with F.A.S.T.™, ensuring you experience safe, relaxing sessions that drive results every single time.

Once your Reach Recharge session wraps up, you should feel completely relaxed, refreshed, and prepared for anything. Just remember to finish off your complimentary drink before you go; proper hydration plays an essential part in promoting muscle elasticity and making your stretches as effective as they can be.

Consistency Drives Better Stretch Results

While even a single assisted stretch session can help you recharge and better understand your body’s needs, it’s important to practice this therapy regularly for optimal results. Over time, dedicated stretching enables even greater flexibility, elasticity, and muscle performance—keeping you in tip-top condition when you need to excel.

Weekly assisted stretch sessions are a great place to start for most athletes, but this schedule can change depending on your performance goals and lifestyle. Your Reach therapist can help you understand how often you need to stretch to achieve the specific results you’re looking for.


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