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Pilates vs. Yoga - How Stretch & Recovery Therapy compares to and compliments these well known practices. - Reach Stretch & Recovery

Both yoga and pilates can improve your health and reduce your stress, yet they are very different disciplines despite often being conflated with one another.

Pilates was created by German anatomist Joseph Pilates. Pilates was a mechanical genius who studied the body to come up with a targeted system for strengthening the body and making it more flexible. It is very much a fitness system that offers a structured work-out.

Yoga is an ancient, holistic system that focuses on using breath work, meditation, and movement to reduce stress and improve the body’s strength and flexibility. There are elements of philosophy and ethics that can be included in the practice, and there are eight forms of it: some gentle and low-impact, others intense and sweat-inducing.

Both can provide you with similar benefits, offering rehabilitative advantages for recovering from everything from sports injuries to depression. Each practice can also help you lose weight. 

Stretch & Recovery therapy can help you complement either practice, or it can be used as an alternative to either practice. Much depends on your goals. 

It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish and where you’re starting.

If you’re in pain and are looking to relieve that pain then Stretch & Recovery therapy alone may be your best bet until your pain subsides. Your body will then be in a better position to support your efforts.

If you want to ensure that you prevent injuries while diving into a new exercise program, then you can start both your yoga or pilates program and your Stretch & Recovery therapy program at roughly the same time while expecting outstanding results.

Guided Stretch & Recovery therapy can help you improve flexibility while releasing tightness and tension. As we help you expand your range of motion we help you build the joint and muscle strength that will allow you to optimize your yoga or pilates practice. 

Stretch and recovery therapy is especially useful to practitioners who have been sedentary for years, or who are battling chronic pain or old injuries. By tackling your pain from multiple angles we can help get you to a place where yoga and pilates truly accomplish all they’re meant to accomplish. 

If you are struggling with pain then Stretch & Recovery therapy may be a better place to start than yoga or pilates.

If you want to improve your flexibility, relieve stress, and prevent injuries without straining a body that’s already strained then Stretch & Recovery therapy is one of the best ways to do that.

If you’re looking at exercise options because you want to lose weight then Stretch & Recovery therapy can help you do more rigorous exercises and can help you enjoy faster recovery, making it a fine compliment to any fitness program.

Give your body the support it deserves. Schedule a free initial session today so you can experience the benefits for yourself. 

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