Our percussive recovery targets key areas to provide tension relief, breakdown inactive tissues, and promote blood flow throughout your body. Using the latest technology to deliver instant results and relaxation in your bodies most prone areas.


Tension builds up in our bodies, creating knots, aches, and serious pains. With percussion therapy we target the tension that has built up over time and promote relief to the areas causing physical pain and stress.


We target your nagging Injuries, muscle tightness, and soreness that lead to pain, injuries and prevent rapid recovery. Percussive therapy activates muscle tissues throughout your body to increase circulation and accelerate recovery.


Connective tissue, or fascia, envelops everything in your body: arteries, bones, nerves organs, and muscles. When this connective tissue tightens, there are aches and pains. Percussion releases fascia tension and keeps your connective tissues healthy to  reduce pain and improve recovery.


Relieve Tightness

Thickened connective tissue can be broken down with percussive therapy to help release and reopen tight areas throughout your body

Reduce Soreness

Percussion therapy works to release lactic acids that are built up during delayed onset muscle soreness.

Increase Blood Flow

Improved circulation and muscle recovery helps maintain skeletal integrity to help prevent needless injuries

Increase Flexibility

Percussive movements create gentle stretching in muscles, connective tissues, ligaments, and tendons to help bring back your range of motion.

Improved Circulation

With targeted fascia release your bodies muscles and connective tissues release and begin to instantly improve blood flow

Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite develops when fat cells accumulate around fiber tissues connected to your muscles. Percussion targets fat cells around your fiber tissues to break apart  and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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