Offseason Recovery With Logan Holgorsen

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July 18, 2020 |
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The Importance of Recovery For Athletes During The Off season

Athletes often understand that to make strides in their game they must spend time during the off season working on their craft. From sports specific training, body and weight conditioning, to understanding the mental aspect of their competition. It’s also a time to work on building and protecting your body up for the practices, games, and matches that come their way.  We caught up with one of our Reach members who came to us to improve his flexibility, mobility, and help him prevent injuries over the course of the upcoming UH football season. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself

(family, background, athletic background, your position today, etc.)

My name is Logan Holgorsen. I am the middle child of two other siblings, McClayne and Karlyn. A son to Candice Bush and Dana Holgorsen. Ever since I was born my life has revolved around football due to my fathers’ job. With that being said football is all I have known for the majority of my life and is the one sport that I have stuck with and dedicated myself to for this long. I was a fat and chubby 7th grade offensive lineman and an 8th grade quarterback, which is pretty diverse if you ask me! 9th grade is when I really began my quarterback journey. I was the starting JV quarterback and backup varsity quarterback my freshman year then took over for three years my sophomore year. I got my first offer after my sophomore season and the rest is history. I am now currently a Sophomore Quarterback here at the University of Houston.

How did you hear about us? / What was the reason you came to us?

I was recommended to Reach by a good friend of mine David Sills who is a current WR for the New York Giants. He praised Reach as he swore that getting manual stretches not only improved his flexibility but his performance as well. I came because I have begun to stretch more and more on my own and see nothing but positive results. Figured Reach would take things to the next level.

 What are you looking to accomplish through stretching and recovery?

I am looking to improve my overall flexibly in hopes of increasing performance. The recovery aspect is very important for me. I feel as if you can’t ever do enough to keep your body fully recovered. Throughout a season your body gets beat down and wore out so things like this are extremely important when it comes to staying ready.


 How do you prepare and train your body during the offseason for football?

 The offseason is usually sure challenging for college athletes as it is the time that strength coaches try to get you to reach your full potential. Quite honestly, off season workouts are some the hardest things you go through as an athlete. So, finding ways to recover are key. If you do not allow your body to recover after these types of workouts you will suffer in the next one.


As an athlete, what is important to you to be able to perform at a high level?

 The way sports work in this day and age and the amount of time and effort you put into it is really challenging. You constantly put wear and tear on your body without even knowing it. However, this is why people love it as much as they do. I certainly do. So, for me the best way to combat that is stretching and recovery. Without doing those two things you aren’t likely to perform at a high level. Manual stretching is one of the best ways to do both.


What are your personal and team goals for this upcoming season?

 Our team goals are pretty lofty this year. We feel as we have some power coming back and the team is full of hungry and hardworking people. The sky is the limit for us this year and we all know that. Our coaches preach to us daily about Win, Trust, and Finish. If we can do those three things consistently, I don’t see how we don’t have a great year. For myself, I am ready to be the best teammate possible and help the team win in any possible way.

How has the pandemic affected you or your team as you prepare for the new season?

The pandemic has obviously been pretty challenging for everyone. But I feel as if our team has handled it fantastically. We stayed in touch with each other and were able to get better during the time off. We are staying optimistic and ready for whatever happens. We can’t wait to get stuff kicked off. Go Coogs!!


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