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Everything about you is different. Your body, your habits, your daily stressors: they’re all unique.

That’s why we take a unique approach to your recovery.

Through our MyFLEXSCORE assessment process, we conduct a full-body evaluation for each client––paying special attention to functions like range of motion, muscle strength, posture, etc.––to help us customize every single treatment plan and therapy session.

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MyFLEXSCORE allows us to build a personalized, restorative stretch and recovery session designed to leave clients feeling healthy, calm, and in peak physical condition.

Our stretch & recovery services are a balanced blend of five different full-body treatments, each inspired by your MyFLEXSCORE assessment and each centered around a specific set of physical challenges. These therapies are carefully calibrated to target your own personal needs, and their collective power offers you a recovery like no other.

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Your Recovery Journey Starts with

Before starting any stretch and recovery program, you must assess the root causes of your current aches, pains, muscle imbalances, weaknesses, asymmetries, and mobility issues. In other words: the reasons “why” you’re seeking therapy.

To help you with this, we always perform a complete MyFLEXSCORE mobility risk factor assessment before taking any steps to begin your treatment. Your MyFLEXSCORE assessment will provide information that can help you reduce injury, prevent pain, and improve your performance over time.

Based on your MyFLEXSCORE mobility risk factor assessment, your certified TBR therapist will be able to build a balanced “blend “of stretch and recovery therapies to address aches and pains and to support better athletic performance. This personalized program will also be optimized to help reduce injuries and cut back on unnecessary pain (and physical stress) in the future.

You only get one body. And the better you take care of it, the better it will take care of you.

Our customized TBR therapies allow your body to relax, recover, and recharge. So you can get back to living your best life.    

Stretch & Recovery


Relieve Pain, Tension, & Tightness

Improve Sleep Quality & Mood

Reduce Stress & Risk of Injury

Decrease Inflammation

Boost Immunity & Counteract Natural Effects of Aging

Support Better Blood Circulation & Posture

Encourage Relaxation

Improve Muscle Recovery

Increase Range of Motion, Flexibility, & Overall Performance

Stretching and Recovery
Therapies Benefits

Stretching and Recovery refers to the body’s natural method of combating stress, pain, and injury. The body also uses this method to enhance quality of sleep and to process many other everyday events and external stimuli in a healthy and productive way.

Whether you’re in search of relaxing therapeutics, looking to restore your physical wellbeing, or hoping to recover from athletic activities that have pushed your body to its limits, “stretching and recovery” is the key to achieving your goals.

Using the excellent capabilities of corrective stretching and the latest in recovery therapies, our stretch and recovery program is able to create necessary range-of-movement patterns that promote circulation throughout your many muscle groups…and produce lasting results you’ll have to feel to believe.

5 Therapies In 1 Session

Our corrective stretch therapy is designed to help relieve pain, improve flexibility, reduce stress, and improve sleep!
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Compression Therapy
Reduce inflammation, promote blood flow, and decrease pre- and post-recovery muscle fatigue with our air-compressed technology.
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Percussion Therapy
Release knots and tension throughout targeted areas of your body by breaking down inactive tissue to accelerate recovery.
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Heat + Vibration Therapy
Combining heat and customized vibration patterns, this therapy uses our wearable technology to help warm, loosen, and activate various muscle groups.
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CBD Treatment

Used in every session and great for your “At Home” recovery program.

Whether it's help with relieving nagging aches or pain, helping you relax, sleep, Recovery by Reach has CBD products that are great for your daily recovery “at home” plan!

Nothing but the best for your body! Our proprietary, high-grade, lab-tested blend of CBD treatments. This product will help provide instant relief during your recovery sessions.

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“This place is amazing, it’s better than a massage. I originally came here to help my body stretch out in between workouts, and also to loosen up my lower back because I am on my feet all day. After my first session, my lower back pain is gone, and I feel amazing.”

– Troy
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I have been going for 2 months now and it’s changed my life, I haven’t felt this pain free and relaxed in a while. It’s like an active meditation, circulation and stretching treatment. The best part is private rooms and undivided attention. Each treatment is custom to the areas of my choice and therapist expertise.  I recommend reach stretch to people of all ages.

– Elizabeth

I went in this morning for my first evaluation session and I feel 1000 times better than what I did when I walked in the door. The flexibility stretching is amazing y’all , I can touch my toes something I haven’t done in years due to back issues. I would highly recommend calling and setting an appointment.

– Jamie

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Our sessions have only one purpose: you. During each appointment, we strive to remain open and sensitive to how your body is behaving in the moment, and we continuously rebuild our action plans based on how you feel as you move through our treatments. As a result, many of our clients report feeling rejuvenated and more energized once they’ve completed a session.

We want you to have the same experience.