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Reach developed the proprietary MyFast+RTC certification and training program because we believe that every “body” is different…and so is their recovery.

Reach’s Stretch & Recovery is a comprehensive approach to recovery utilizing the latest techniques, technologies. It’s backed by over a thousand hours of service training protocols and is built on a foundation of biomechanics and human philosophy. Using these two fields of study, we work to ensure our personal recovery programming helps every client feel better and move better throughout their daily lives.

Reach’s Stretch & Recovery also involves an all-inclusive learning methodology that trains therapists not only in traditional stretch and recovery but also in how to deliver optimal, “results-driven” customer experiences.

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Our sessions have only one purpose: you. During each appointment, we strive to remain open and sensitive to how your body is behaving in the moment, and we continuously rebuild our action plans based on how you feel as you move through our treatments. As a result, many of our clients report feeling rejuvenated and more energized once they’ve completed a session.

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