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Chiropractor near me or Stretch & Recovery Therapy Studio near me, which one is better? Reach Stretch & Recovery

A Chiropractor manipulates your body, neck, and spine to relieve pain that comes from having your spine out of alignment. The goal is to release pressure and aggravation on the nervous system that might be causing you pain. In fact, most people never seek the aid of a chiropractor unless they are already in some considerable pain. 

Often, of course, the pain comes back. One reason is our joints, tendons, and muscles get locked up tight. In addition to throwing the spine out of alignment, muscle tension can be painful in its own right! 

You don’t have to be in pain to seek out Stretch & Recovery therapy, but if you are in pain, we will discover the root cause and help you approach your healing from multiple angles.

Reach Stretch & Recovery provides your body with the support it needs to increase flexibility, reduce the chances of injury, and prevent pain in the future. 

If you are in active, acute pain then a chiropractor may be able to provide some short-term immediate relief. If you are dealing with chronic pain or want to prevent future pain then Stretch & Recovery therapy can help.

Yet this doesn’t have to be an either-or remedy. If you truly have spinal misalignment then easing your spine back into position is a healthy thing to do. Combining chiropractic therapy with Stretch & Recovery therapy can mean your spine remains aligned and your posture remains good so that you don’t have to keep making multiple trips to the chiropractor. 

There will be similarities! You’ll receive care in a private room. We’ll be helping you stretch and recover your body so that your therapy relaxes you and so that you know that each stretch is being done properly. 

We may incorporate other therapies, like percussive fascia releases or heat therapy to help you ease and relax tight muscles. Some chiropractors lean into similar therapies as well.

The number one difference? Chiropractors target the skeletal structure while we target muscles and active range of motion. As mentioned, the two therapies often complement each other to help people reduce or even end pain so they can live their best lives.

Chiropractic care can improve neck pain, reduce headaches, reduce reliance on pain relievers for managing back pain, and may lead to a reduction of osteoarthritis symptoms. If you’ve misaligned your neck or spine through exercise or work then the chiropractor can help you correct the problem. A chiropractor can also help you correct your posture.

Stretch & Recovery therapy can also help you reduce headache and reliance on pain relievers. Our goal is to help you relieve pain, tension, and tightness. Our therapies also help you reduce stress, reduce the risk of injury, decrease inflammation, and improve your posture. Stretch & Recovery therapy can increase your range of motion and flexibility so you prevent future illnesses. Muscle recovery also improves.

As you can see, the two therapy types offer a range of benefits with some different, yet overlapping purposes.

Think Stretch & Recovery therapy may be right for you? Schedule a free initial session today so you can experience the benefits for yourself. 

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