How to achieve success in 5 steps.

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April 10, 2021 |
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Everyone wants success, everyone wants to be the one who succeeds, and have all of their friends ask, “How did you do it?”… If you just said “No, that’s not me,” then quit lying to yourself. Whether it is professional, personal, fitness, finance, relationships, parenthood, or just being an adult, we all want our endeavors to be successful. So, now is the time! You are going to learn exactly, How to achieve success in 5 steps!

Step #1- Have an idea….

“See a need, fill a need” or call it having a vision, a dream, or a blueprint. I do not care what you call it, but you have to have a goal, an aim, a desired outcome, a clear point on the map of life that says “this is where I want to be/go/do/have/etc.” You can have the fastest car in the world with every luxury, but if you don’t have a destination, you will just aimlessly drive without purpose until you eventually run out of gas.

Step #2- Make a plan…

“Failing to plan, is planning to fail.” Once you have your defined blueprint it is time to find out how to get there. There are multiple ways to do this, strategize it out yourself, watch videos of someone who has done something similar, get a coach, have a mentor, etc… The important thing to do is say, if “X” is where I want to be, what things would I have to do to get there? Once you ask yourself that question, write everything down that comes to mind, prioritize it in order of necessity and now you have your plan. (This is why a coach that has already done it can be helpful, it will save you a lot of time and self reflection.)

Step #3- Gain special knowledge…

“What they taught you in public school ain’t gonna cut it in the real world.” This can be hard for some people, but the important thing to remember here, is you don’t have to pay a crap ton of money to gain knowledge. Find free educational material, again, a coach to teach you, an online certification, a trade school, a free course at the public library. There are ways to get the knowledge you need.

Step #4- DO THE PLAN….

“Just do it.” This one is my favorite, few people ever execute and put action to their plan. This is where everyone puts in their “buts”… “But this, But that, But what about, etc…” I will tell you what I tell my son, “Buts have no place in success, Buts get Buttface jobs with Buttface bosses making Buttface money, living a boring unsatisfied Buttface life.” If you ever want success you are going to have to break the cycle of gaining knowledge to gain knowledge to gain knowledge, and JUST DO IT!

Even if it’s not perfect or you don’t yet know everything, you never will feel ready, you must take the leap and go for it…. And as long as you do one thing you can not fail, I promise you, you can’t fail…. Just don’t ever quit, for quitters never fail, because if you have a setback or a mishap, but you keep going, keep pushing forward, well then you’re one of those success stories that you always hear about, the people struggling before they make it big!

Step #5- Success!…

“You did it, now enjoy it.” This can be the hardest one for the people that actually have went through Step #4. Because you have worked so hard, pushed so long, never quit, and faced all the trials… It can be hard to step back, honestly evaluate where you are at and take note of all you have achieved. This is a must to remain successful though, you have to be able to put the stress aside and celebrate every win, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, the wins must be elevated and thought of consistently, that is how you remain successful. Enjoy what your hard work has accomplished!

So, there it is! A simple five step solution to success… Is it easy? HECK NO… but it is simple. If you want to learn more about how you can achieve success in your life talk to one our professionals today, for free! Just click here!

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