How Athletes Use Reach To Perform At Their Peak.

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September 10, 2019 |
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These days it seems that the common practice for professional athletes is to turn to uncommon training methods to hit peak performance levels. These fast-paced, hard-hitting athletes have accepted more calming practices to lengthen muscles and remain nimble.

Just ask Eric Gordon of the Houston Rockets, Lebron James of the Los Angeles Lakers, Evan Longoria of the San Francisco Giants. These athletes have utilized alternative exercises ranging from yoga to ballet.

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For those accustomed to putting extreme pressure on their joints by sprinting down-court in a fast break or changing directions quickly to complete a pass route, the practice of slowing down with low-impact exercises gives the body a chance to revitalize and grow stronger. For Eric Gordon, his uncommon-turned-common training method is stretch therapy.

For me regular stretch therapy is important for my body to recover and feel fresh for NBA games night in night out.


Regular stretching strengthens muscles and increases overall range of motion. Without it, muscles become tight, restricting joint movement and increasing the risk of injury. Consistent practice is critical to reaping the benefits of stretching.

Professional athletes understand the importance of long-term commitment to fitness regimes better than most, and several have begun frequenting stretch studios to assist them. Eric Gordon began regular stretch therapy at Reach Stretch Studios after injuries plagued his early career, causing him to miss more than 200 games. The results are undeniable; Gordon has missed less than 35 games in the last three seasons.

The assisted stretching Gordon receives for his hip and leg muscles at Reach has increased his speed, strength and overall game. The future of Gordon’s career looks bright and relatively injury-free.

Our stretch therapists work with athletes of all age ranges to help them reach their very best. With a personalized approach, we unlock the body’s full potential using different sport-specific stretches.


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