What Is Reach Stretch & Recovery?

Reach Stretch & Recovery is a customized recovery plan that combines your personalized assessments and goals to create a blend of our recovery therapies and services in every session. The outcome? A dynamic experience that is unique every time and delivers long lasting results.


Who Is Recovery For?

Everyone! Recovery is a daily and fundamental part for living a health and active life. Our members range from youth athletes all the way up to senior citizens. We even work closely with doctors, family medical practices, OBY-GYNs and countless other partners in our communities to help their clients.


What Type Of Training Do The Recovery Specialists Have?

Our specialists must complete a comprehensive and continued education training program that consists of over 144 hours of online, in-studio, testing, and applied learning training principles to pass and maintain active certification. Each Recovery Specialist is thoroughly trained, tested, and audited to ensure we are delivering the highest level of service and education to our members.


Is Recovery Safe?

Absolutely. Recovery is one of the most natural functions of the body and our proven method is performed by our trained and certified specialist to never put a person at risk of injury or pain.


What Do I Need To Wear To My Session?

We recommend you wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes or your active wear clothing along with socks.


Do You Accept Insurance?

We currently only accept HSA/FSA health saving accounts along with all major credit cards.


Why Private Rooms?

We want our members to feel relaxed and comfortable during their recovery session. This first helps unwind the body and mind and allow it to receive the maximum benefits of recovery. Secondly, it makes it a safe environment to work and communicate one on one with our certified recovery specialists.