Corrective Stretch

Corrective Stretch

Our corrective stretch therapy combines years of experience plus the latest techniques that deliver relaxing and reforming movements designed to alleviate pain and create your natural range of motion.

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Pain Relief

Pain Prevents Us From Taking On Everyday Tasks And Doing The Things We Love. By Releasing Tension And Tightness In Your Different Muscle Groups We’re Able To Provide Muscle Pain Relief Throughout Your Body. Whether Its Acute Or Chronic, Regular Stretching Is A Key Component To Pain Relief.

Tightness & Tension

Stress And Daily Activity Can Cause Increased Muscle Tension And Soreness. This Causes The Muscles To Maintain A Heightened Activity Which Does Not Allow Our Musculature To Fully Relax. Corrective Stretch Helps Relieve This Muscular Tension Which Can Lead To Better Sleep And A More Relaxed State.

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Improve Flexibility

Flexibility Fuels Every Type Of Lifestyle. Using Our Assessment Technology And Stretch Methods Were Able To Help You Maintain A Healthy Range Of Motion And Restore Your Body’s Ability To Move Freely Without Pain Or Discomfort.



Relieve Pain

Tightness and tension, imbalances, and risk factors lead to pain in various areas throughout the body. Regular stretching effectively targets and relieves these pains.

Improve Posture

Poor posture can easily be reversed and healed with corrective stretch. By stretching you strengthen your muscles and encourage proper alignment.

Injury Prevention

With proper body alignment the less likely you are to incur an injury. Improved range of motion, balanced flexibility, and lengthened muscles help you achieve fluid like movement.

Relieve Stress

Physical and emotional stress lead to muscle tension and tightness. Stretching targets areas such as neck, shoulders, and back to relieve stress related tension.

Reduce Soreness

With proper movement and circulation an increased blood and nutrient supply helps the body accelerate recovery and helps reduce soreness.

Strengthen Immunity

Stretching helps strengthen your body's immunity response with proper recovery, increased blood circulation, improved sleep, and your body's stress response.


“This place is amazing, it’s better than a massage. I originally came here to help my body stretch out in between workouts, and also to loosen up my lower back because I am on my feet all day. After my first session, my lower back pain is gone, and I feel amazing.”

– Troy
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I have been going for 2 months now and it’s changed my life, I haven’t felt this pain free and relaxed in a while. It’s like an active meditation, circulation and stretching treatment. The best part is private rooms and undivided attention. Each treatment is custom to the areas of my choice and therapist expertise.  I recommend reach stretch to people of all ages.

– Elizabeth

I went in this morning for my first evaluation session and I feel 1000 times better than what I did when I walked in the door. The flexibility stretching is amazing y’all , I can touch my toes something I haven’t done in years due to back issues. I would highly recommend calling and setting an appointment.

– Jamie

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Recovery Session

Our sessions have only one purpose: you. During each appointment, we strive to remain open and sensitive to how your body is behaving in the moment, and we continuously rebuild our action plans based on how you feel as you move through our treatments. As a result, many of our clients report feeling rejuvenated and more energized once they’ve completed a session.

We want you to have the same experience.