Benefits, Boosts, and Body Recovery: How Percussion Therapy Can Help

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June 11, 2021 |
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Neck pain, back pain, tight hips, you name it. The world went virtual for a while, and it may have taken a toll on your body. Maybe you’ve been sitting at your computer or looking down at your phone for hours, days, months on end. You’ve tried sitting up straighter or raising your computer, but the pain is stubborn. Maybe it’s time to change things up! Start taking care of yourself with percussion therapy. 

What is percussion therapy?

Percussion therapy involves a percussion device that puts soft bursts of pressure into a specific part of the body to reduce tension in your muscles and promote relaxation. Relaxation and rest are vital to living a happy, healthy life!

Percussion therapy is effective in producing relaxing results for your body and mind. But how is it effective in these areas? There are several proven benefits of percussion therapy. Here are just a few:


Our day-to-day lives leave little time to focus on those aches and knots building in our bodies. You may be stuck with a lot of tension and tightness, possibly, in many areas. Percussion therapy can specifically target the tension that has built up over time, resulting in major relief. 

Furthermore, your muscles tighten when your mind is stressed, causing a physically stressed body, too — and no one wants that! Rigid muscles can cause severe pain, preventing relaxation and making it difficult to move or perform at your best. Percussion therapy relieves these muscles and promotes relaxation throughout your entire body.


Muscle tightness and soreness can lead to injury, so it’s important to target and activate your muscles to increase circulation and accelerate recovery. Whether you just had a tough workout, have aches and tension built up over time, or just need a relaxing break, percussion therapy can benefit you!

Even if you’ve already suffered an injury, percussion therapy can be effective! Muscle adhesions are fibrous tissues that form in between soft tissues, causing the soft tissues to stick together. They usually result from an injury or surgery. Now that the soft tissues are stuck together, their range of motion is limited and can cause pain (ouch). Percussion therapy can help relieve muscle adhesions to improve range of motion and get you back to, or better than, where you were.


Flexibility is essential to our bodies and can help sustain a good range of motion. Percussion therapy, while relaxing, also gently stretches your muscles, tendons, and tissues. Flexible muscles are less likely to be injured during a workout or any strenuous activity, like lifting heavy objects. 

Additionally, flexible muscles can lead to improved posture and balance. Percussion therapy improves flexibility, alleviates pain, and enhances the body’s functionality, allowing you to perform better in sports, workouts, or everyday life. Bonus! A healthy body can promote a boosted immune system, making you healthier in more ways than one!


Cellulite is something that can affect all of us. Sometimes, no matter how much you work out or diet, it just won’t go away. When fat cells gather around fiber tissues, cellulite forms, and all those fat cells rise to the surface, right underneath your skin. Percussion therapy targets these fat cells and breaks them apart, reducing the appearance of cellulite.

How can you add percussion therapy to your life?

Our studios offer percussion therapy as part of a total body recovery program. Regardless of age, physical fitness level, or anything else, percussion therapy can benefit you! Book your first session with us free today and experience the benefits of percussion therapy for yourself. What’s stopping you? You’re already here!


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