About Our


Mission Statement

“To provide a safe and non-addictive option for those suffering from pain and anxiety, and to be the model for other CBD companies to follow by;

  1. making high-quality products
  2. operating in an open and transparent manner
  3. building an independently owned and operated family business.

Let’s break that down


We provide consistent, high-quality products by:

  1. Growing our own hemp and processing our own extracts
  2. Using organic growing methods
  3. Paying for third-party lab tests for all hemp used in processing, all extracts processed, and every batch of CBD products we formulate.
  4. Processing and manufacturing in our state of the art, cGMP compliant, food grade lab in Durand, Wisconsin.
  5. Creating and following cGMP-compliant standard operating procedures for all processes, including processing, manufacturing, sanitation, maintenance, storage, etc.


Never trust a company that won’t invite you to see their facilities. They will tell you that there is proprietary technology, or that research is being conducted… but that is not the case. The reality is that they don’t own anything – they don’t have control over the farms they rely on to make products. If they won’t let you see their processing lab, it probably doesn’t exist. They are purchasing extracts from whoever sells it cheapest. If they say they make their own products, but won’t let you see where it’s made, its either because they are purchasing them at a premium from someone else or because they are making them in substandard conditions.

If you want to work with us, we’d be happy to have you out to visit the greenhouse where we raise our seedlings, the land where we grow our hemp, the warehouses we dry our crop, our processing lab, and the production floor in which we manufacture our line of products. We are radically transparent!

Family-Owned and Operated

Co-Founders Ben Rippley and Pete Adler are intent on Sunny Skies CBD staying in the Rippley and Adler family for generations to come. Why does this matter to the customer? The values we choose to prioritize – the way we treat employees, the way we look after the well-being of the customer, and taking pride in doing the little things to make sure the customer is getting the best customer service possible – those are the values that will live on in the company after Ben and Pete are gone, and the values that will guide younger Rippley’s and Adler’s to become great leaders that live enriching lives. This is what drives us. That’s why you choose Sunny Skies CBD.