6 Unexpected Benefits Of Stretching

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June 19, 2020 |
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Everyone knows that exercise is a part of healthy living, but did you know that a consistent stretching routine can have a big impact on your daily life? Here are some of the many benefits to stretching that you may not know about. Everyone can learn to stretch, regardless of age or flexibility. Stretching should be a part of your daily routine, whether you exercise or not. It does not have to involve a huge amount of time, but stretching can end up giving you huge results!



  1. Stretching Lowers Stress

Everyday life can be filled with stressors big and small. Did you know stretching can help decrease the impact stress has on your body? Stretching loosens muscle tension caused by stress and releases natural endorphins into the body to help you relax.


  1. Stretching Improves Posture

Sitting all day with bad posture for work, school, or chilling on the couch can lead to discomfort. Stretching can actually help you correct and maintain body alignment when stretching muscles in the hip, lower back, chest, and shoulders. It’s a perfect way to fight against the bad habits that we build in our daily lives!


  1. Stretching Relieves Pain

Tight muscles can lead to a decrease in your range of motion and cause pain in certain areas. When this happens, you increase the likelihood of straining the muscles in your back, neck, lower body, or other areas.  A regular stretching routine can also help prevent injuries by addressing those problematic areas while reducing pain at the same time!


  1. Stretching Gets Your Body Moving

Do you feel like you just need to move your body more? Assisted stretching does just that and you don’t even have to do the work yourself. Stretching gets the blood pumping and circulating throughout your whole entire body. It’s a perfect pick me up when you are looking to bring blood flow and circulation back throughout your body.


  1. Stretching Reduces Injury

Potential injures can potentially be prevented by stretching regularly. By maintaining a consistent stretching routine, you can reduce your chance of get injured by 30%. No more pulled muscles and no more surprises when you are doing your favorite activites!


  1. Stretching Decreases Soreness

Skipping the final step of stretching after a workout? By going to get an assisted stretch you can decrease your soreness and achieve your athletic performance goals. Stretching does this by increasing blood flow and breaking open fascia tissues to help you recover faster.

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